Our Core Products

Our core products can be divided into three categories:

  • Wholesale Green Coffee: unroasted raw beans imported from around the world and sold to small roasters and coffee shop operators;
  • Private Label Coffee: coffee roasted, blended, packaged and sold under the specifications and names of others, including supermarkets that want to have their own brand name on coffee to compete with national brands
  • Branded Coffee: coffee roasted and blended to our own specifications and sold under our seven brand namesin different segments of the market.


    Branded Coffee. We roast and blend our branded coffee according to our own recipes and package the coffee at our facilities in Stuart, Florida. We then sell the packaged coffee under our brand labels to supermarkets, wholesalers and individually owned stores throughout the United States.

    Private Label Coffee. We roast, blend, package and sell coffee under private labels for companies throughout he United States and Cayman Islands. Our private label coffee is sold in brick packages, gusseted, liquid and instants in a variety of sizes.We produce private label coffee for customers who desire to sell coffee under their own namebut do not want to engage in the manufacturing process. Our private label customers seek a quality similar to the national brands at a lower cost, which represents a better value for the consumer.

    Other Products

    We also offer several niche products, including:

    • trial-sized mini-brick coffee packages;
    • specialty instant and liquid coffees
    • instant cappuccinos and hot chocolates
    • tea line products.


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