Green Coffee Contracting and Commodity Management

Specialty Green Coffees
We offer the following green coffees listed below
subject to market conditions and availabilities:
Chemical Processed Colombian Swiss Water Colombian
Swiss Water S.H.B. Guatemalan Swiss Water S.H.B. Costa Rican
Swiss Water Brazil Swiss Water Sumatra
Swiss Water Espresso Blend Swiss Water Organic Sumatra
Swiss Water Java Swiss Water Ethiopian Sidamo
Swiss Water Kenya AA Arabica Swiss Water Organic Peruvian
Swiss Water Organic Mexican Chemical Processed High Grown Mexican
Chemical Processed Sumatra Mandheling Chemical Processed SHB Guatemalan
Chemical Processed SHB Costa Rican Chemical Processed Ethiopian Sidamo
Chemical Processed Kenya "AA"

Washed Kenya AA Arabica Washed Kenya AA Arabica P.B.
Washed Tanzanian AA Arabica P.B. Washed Tanzanian AA Arabica
Washed Zimbabwe AA Arabica Ethiopian Longberry Harrar
Washed Ethiopian Limu Washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Yemen Mocha Matari Washed Ethiopian Sidamo
Washed Malawi Washed Zambian "AA"

South/Central American
Colombian UGQ Excelso Colombian Screen #18 Supremo
Brazilian Santos-Screen #17-18 Costa Rican Tarrazu "Royal"
F.W. Venezuelan Tachara High Grown Altura Mexican
Washed S.H.B. Panama E.P. Washed Screen #18 Nicaraguan
Genuine Antigua Guatemalan Washed Mexican Maragogipie
Hawaiian Kona Fancy Greenwell Farms Washed Nicaraguan Maragogipie

Mexican "Ismam" SMBC-Fair Trade **Guatemalan "La Voz"
(fair trade)
**Costa Rica "Lomas Al Rio" Ethiopian Limu (fair trade)
Colombian Excelso Peru "La Florida" SMBC-Fair Trade
Sumatra "Takengon" **Nicaragua "Wiwili" (fair trade)
Bolivian Organic Papua New Guinea Organic/Fair Trade
* All are shade grown.
**Bird friendly.

Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Washed Timor Java Arabica
Indonesian Celebes Kalossi Washed Papua New Guinea
Indonesian Java Estates Indian Monsoon Malabar
Vietnam Robusta


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